And this is how times change…

Leavenworth is an awesome place to be. Camping is very easy, the boulders easy accessible and a lot of nice people. It was pretty much only Matt and me since we left Germany six month ago. We met a bunch of people and spent time with them climbing during the day, but that’s it mostly. No contact to other people after dark, because everyone left the climbing areas and went home. Except us. We tried to avoid driving to keep it cheap and so we spent a lot of nights as close to the boulders as possible. Leavenworth was a welcome change. It was not only us spending the nights in the campground/parking lot. It was almost like having a dirtbag family, and we enjoyed that! It is easy to remember all the nice people. I will never forget you, guys!

The season was a little early and it was still very hot in Leavenworth. So climbing was not possible during the day and we had to climb after evenfall. Matt did most of the bouldering, it was mostly resting for us because of my injured pully in the right hands pinky. It was still possible to boulder some lines, but not too much. I got the injury about eight weeks ago and curing takes longer than I expected.

My Leavenworth highlights are Hanta Man V9 and Crimpsqueak V7. Kevin’s were Hanta Man V9 and Coffee Cup V9. Matt sent the most hard lines of us.

Kevin, Matt and me left and went to Lake Tahoe after we spend two weeks in Leavenworth. This bouldering area also has a lot of potential. Their blocs are still hard to find and not often climbed because of a very small climbing community. The scenic views and the solid granite are defiantly some pluses for this area. But the because of missing traffic climbs are hard to find and it was also a little hot for during the day climbing and that’s why we moved one very soon.

The next destination was Yosemite. It seems a little funny to go bouldering in the Valley. You are surrounded by all these big walls and we went there for bouldering only. Kevin sent the most boulders, at least of us. Even though Yosemite seems strange as a bouldering area it was quite fun to climb there. But you can’t trust in their guidebooks grades. It is very sandbagged, at least the lower grades. V7 and higher seemed to be right. There was no send for Matt, he tried Midnight Lightning really hard and really often, though. Camp 4 is also an experience not to be missed in the park. Hiking on rest days is also really amazing.

We left the Valley last Sunday and went to San Francisco to get some sightseeing and touristy things done. The Alcatraz visit was one of the best things we did so far. I enjoyed the last nights Kevin and Juliane. The visitors are gone now. The car has one inhabitant at the moment. Me, but not for long. It is just half a day until Julia arrives. There a no fixed plans at the moment for the next weeks. It will be no climbing, though. I need to rest my pinky and get rid of the damaged pully anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for reading my stories!


2 thoughts on “And this is how times change…

  1. Hello! Nice to read about your adventures! Don’t know if you remember me, I met you and in Uppsala 🙂 We are doing a similar trip and are heading to Leavenworth soon! Do you have any good campingspots to recomend? Still in the states?


    1. Hey! Of course I do!

      There is no need to answer, since we stay in touch with Facebook.

      Enjoy your stay in Leavenworth and say Hi to Kirk and the rest of this bunch in case you meet them 🙂

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