Hitting the road again

The summer is almost over and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. It is full of great memories, stories and friendships. It was just an awesome summer! I want to say thanks again to all the people we met and who help us out so much. We appreciate your help and your hospitality so much and we will keep returning this favor to the people we meet.

The last post happened not too long ago, but it was about time to write a new one since we left Colorado. We are now in Leavenworth, WA and it is just way too hot. We just saw the last snow melting recently and now we have about 30°C (>80°F) but the leaves are starting to change their color and autumn is about to come. Our climbing had to change as well. We now have to get morning and night sessions to meet good conditions and some coldness. Leavenworth has great granite to offer, even when my right pinkie is hurt. I just have to jump on sloppy rocks and try to avoid right hand crimpers. But the best for healing is rest. So I take more rest days than I’m used to and it should be okay, hopefully

I’m looking forward to next weekend and Kev’s arrival. We’ll spend so many great days together!
And now some photos to get some impressions of our ride through Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. One highlight was the Yellowstone National Park!

I know this is not a long post, but I felt like I had to write one…


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