Mid-west crisis

The last few weeks were fully of stories and impressions, but let me start from the last post.

A friend of ours, Ander, gave us this really good hint about a parking lot where we can stay overnight without getting in trouble with police, because this spot just outside of Estes Park is totally legal. An additional advantage is, that it is slightly of the street in a little valley with a stream. It is pretty good leveled until you reach the outside of the sweet leveled spot. Then comes a hill, not a huge one, but big enough to get your car grounded. This one night I was trying to find the sweet spot of the parking lot and forgot about the recently mentioned hill. I guess you can imagine what happened next? Right, I got the car stuck to the ground, the back wheels were not touching the ground anymore. And that’s also how we figured out, that this car has back wheel drive. We were not able to move the car. Stuck, in the middle of the night, without service and off the street. Lucky us that Ander was about to use the same location this night, so we could ask for help. He and Tim left to get service again to call a tow truck which pulled us out of this situation. It was very embarrassing, but I learned my lesson. Now I am even more careful setting back.

This was one of the last days we spend with Tim and Yvonne in Estes Park. We left to Estes Park for some days to spend some time in Denver. A stop at a Longhorn Steakhouse was very important, since it was one of Tim and Yvonne’s last days and they haven’t hadthe pleasure to get an awesome American Steak. We arrived in Denver and tried to find a place to spend the (Thursday) night in a celebrating way and got the hint to visit the Beta Nightclub. There was Ferry Corston playing that night and the charged 25$ each to get in there. None of us wanted to pay that much so we left again. Outside the club the bouncer asked us why we were leaving and we told him that we don’t want to spend that much money just for one night. We were in good mood and Matt and I wore our crazy hats and that’s probably why the bouncer let us in for free :). We had a really good time and so the hats paid off already! The day after was full of food and fun. We got breakfast at Ihop and went to the Waterworld afterwards. Waterworld is a water theme park. It was the perfect thing to do on such a hot day like this.


The good-bye the next day was kind of sad. Knowing that I will see them in about nine month felt so far away. I realized how far away I am again. The missed wedding of Thomas and his wife (congratulations this way again) made it even worse.

Anyway, we had to leave the airport and went back into Estes Park. We got our membership at the Rocky Mountain Health Club, a fitness gym with good showers, equipment for ‘rest days’, hot tub and sauna. This is where we met Calvin. He invited us to his place for dinner and made the best spare ribs we ever had. We spend a great night with him and his wife Linda. We listened to their stories about traveling the world (he was a doctor for a SEAL team). We also got another invitation to join some older, already retired men for a gay party at some guys place. He would have a hot tub where we could jump in naked. Both of us didn’t really know how to answer, we were speechless.

We made friends with some staff of the Stanley hotel. That’s the place where Steven King wrote ‘The Shining’. People say it is haunted. Anyway, our friends of the hotel are great people and we like to hang out with them a lot. There was this pancake competition. Not so traditional American pancakes against the German equivalent. It was a tie.

I mentioned in the last entry that the starter is about to die. Now it is dead. We had to get it fixed it, as well as the leakage of coolant fluid which just appeared. It was a total of about 1400$ and a sleepover in front of some guy’s garage. The car should be fine now and is supposed to be alright the rest of this trip, hopefully!

We took Colin (one of the Stanley guys) with us to get some bouldering. He did really well on his first boulders and especially on the hike. The hike is very exhausting with all the gear and crashpads. Each of us has to carry about 15kg for about 4,5km and a 500m elevation distance, which takes about 1,5h for one ascend. We got into a car inspection when we went down. The police officer was really mean and aggressive. It took her about an hour to look through everything except for the huge storage underneath the bed. She wasn’t able to open the trunk. The three of us had to sit outside of the car, in the ground of the shoulder for this time. There was nothing she could complain about and I didn’t get a ticket or fine or anything.

Colorado and especially Boulder is an awesome place for climbers. It is home of the world’s best climbers and we ran into them. We met Jan Hojer (he was visiting the US for his worldcup), Daniel Woods, Dave Graham and Alex Puccio.

Our tick list gets bigger and bigger and we enjoy the time over here even when a lot seemed to go wrong the last month! A holiday that long is just amazing…


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