East to West

Our time in Virginia was really awesome and we miss our ‘host family’ a lot (The staff in RMNP is not that welcoming compared to Grayson). The thing we better like over here is, that we meet a lot better shaped people. You still see some heavier ones, but way less compared to the South East.

The drive from Virginia to Colorado took us four days and we had to go through Kansas. We stopped in Kentucky to visit the Wild Turkey distillery and bought a bottle delicious Whiskey. Our drive was really cool and we did enjoy these four days of rest except for the Kansas part. You can sum up Kansas in a few words: corn, flat and boring. Lucky us that it just took 8h to get through Kansas finishing with an hurricane as we got close to Denver. We arrived in Denver two days before Tim and Yvonne so we already had some time to check out the first bouldering areas. We had a closer look at the areas next to Boulder and we were very frustrated. We went to Flagstaff Mountain and every boulder was so damn high and hard graded, even Matt was frightened to top them out. Another really cool area was Eldorado Canyon. It is literally a cool canyon because of the river inside. Matt will not keep this place as a fun spot in mind, because he fell of a 5m highball and missed the pad with one leg slightly and messed it up a little. It happened about one week ago he has still pain walking downhill.


We got kicked of the Walmart parking lot in Boulder, after we made it to our home base ‘campground’. So we can’t recommend to stay at this parking lot. But some locals told us about some other places where we could stay. (Let us know when you have some hints 😉 )

The second destination were the Flatirons of Boulder and our mind changed completely about the hard graded boulders. Matt was able to send Turning Point (V8) and I fell two moves before the finishing this beautiful line. We picked up our visitors and spent some more time in this area before we headed towards the Rocky Mountain National Park with a 4 days stop at Carter Lake where our car broke down. Luckily, we met a guy who knows about the 1992 Ford E150 and he figured out that our starter has an issue. So every time we can’t start the car we have to crawl underneath the car to hammer the starter with a stone. Lucky us!

The view here in the Rocky Mountain National Park is just amazing. None of us has ever seen that many stars before. There is just one area we can visit at the moment (Emerald Lake), because the areas in lower altitude are too hot and the higher ones are still buried in snow. Matt and I have enough to climb on and both of us to close to send our first V9 (Fb 7c). The hike up is really steep and we thought we would do it fast with about 1h walking time, but obviously we are still slow compared to other people. We met Ander Rockstad, a German friend’s friend, and he made the ‘hike’ in 21mins.

The RMNP is not only interesting in form of climbing. The nature and wildlife is stunningly amazing! We see some elks, marmots and deer on every way into or out of our destination. We had five deer on the campsite the other day. It is really impressive here.


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