Grayson Highland State Park

Like I mentioned in our last post, we are staying in the Grayson Highland State Park. We met a lot of really cool people already. What happened the past few days? The Grayson Highland State Park staff is really welcoming. We had to search for a parking/camping spot for a while after we figured out that we are not allowed to sleep in the car at the overnight backpacker parking lot. We received a very good hint from an awesome police officer, it was the national forest, even if it was a bit of a drive.

So the two smart German engineers thought they were smarter than the very good informed police officer and looked for a place to sleep on their own. They found a very good place, which should also be part of the national forest. Obviously it was no part of that forest. We spent several nights there without any trouble and just today we were heading towards our climbing destination again and got stopped by another policeman. He received a call from some worried neighbors that there were some guys camping on other people’s property. We almost got a ticket, but even this friendly policeman agreed to let us leave without fine when we promise that we would never spend the night there again. It was a good point that we got in touch with his boss very positive way. Now we do have a longer drive to get to our camping destination and back, but that’s fine.

After such a long time in a very new and still not completely developed area we became their locals and we “almost belong to the park’s family”. It is fine for them that this two strange German guys hang out in the heated entrance of their office because they have Wifi to get in touch with civilization.

Grayson Highlands is far away from service, so good luck finding some signal with your phone. For us Grayson is a small paradise. No distractions from climbing, but also nothing else to do. We eat and climb, that’s it.

We also met the author of the Grayson Highland Bouldering Guide and developer of mostly every boulder out here Aaron Parlier. He has the beta for pretty much every boulder in mind, don’t hesitate to ask him when you run into him.
And here is a summary of the greatest lines we did so far 🙂

After three weeks in this place we almost belong to the parks family. We spend our nights hanging out with them in Aaron’s neat little cabin, cooking, sleeping and bouldering. The time flies by faster and faster. We slowly are not able to get the actual dates and days sorted anymore. We like it so much!

But our time in Grayson is almost over and we have to get ready for our trip to Colorado were we meet two my brother and his girlfriend. Both of us are excited to see them again…


One thought on “Grayson Highland State Park

  1. Hallo Kai und Matze,
    ein schöner Bericht und wirklich schöne Bilder, gibt es euch zukünftig nur noch als Rückansicht?
    Ich würde mich über ein paar Bilder mit Gesichtern und vielleicht ein wenig Panorame freuen.
    Weiter eine gute Zeit und viel Spaß mit Tim und Yvonne, ab Freitag.

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