Here we are!

Okay, well. My last entry was some weeks ago and a lot happened since then.

After Julia left, me and her were planning about to see again. Therefor I book a flight to Germany to surprise my parents in the end of March. I had a lot to do at work so I wasn’t really able to get a bigger trip going except this one trip to Rocktown.

Rocktown is a beautiful place in North West Georgia, very close to Alabama and Tennessee. My boss agreed to get two days of and I was able to enjoy lovely temperatures, phenomenal sandstone, awesome climbing and good company (thanks for the company, Sean!). There was nothing I did really expect of this trip so it was some kind of an “it’s fun to get outside” bouldering trip without looking for grades. I spend some hours in nice roofs with Nose Candy (V6), another V6 I forgot the name of and last but not least in Iron Claw V7. We did some V5 and some really fun V3 slabs, scopes and arêtes.

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I left America some busy weeks later to see Julia, my friends and family at home. The surprise visit I did to my parents was really good. It was a great reunion with some tears. Julia and my stopped at her parents place at the Bodensee about ten days later. We lived together the whole time and it did not feel very different compared to the Florida trip we did some month ago. I miss not being with you…

Anyway, the three weeks in Germany went over way to fast. It may have felt like some days but not like some days! But I had to catch the flight Matze and I booked forehand to begin our big adventure. It was a long way to get here and the trip was just horrible. Not that I just had to say ‘Goodbye’ to Julia again, additionally I forgot and lost my camera including equipment and it put out a security alert, bomb thread in detail. I had to get out of the boarding area to get it back and nearly missed my first flight. Matze made fun of me, of course. The flight was a never ending boring one with too much time to think about the past weeks. We had to wait 40mins inside of the plane because customs and migrations was not open yet. Matze choice was a recall with an inspection officer and we almost missed the connecting flight. After we got to Greenville finally we head out to get some sushi and company from Bryan, Hannah and Heath. It was a fun evening, thank y’all for everything you did to me. Especially Bryan, this trip would not have been possible without you!
We got the car ready the next day and here we are, sitting in the car the fourth day in a row. Doing nothing else than boulder, sleep, eat, talk, make fun, meet new people, shred our fingers at the stone, highballing, lowballing and showering outside. We are at the Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia. Matze was already able to send a very cool stuff called ‘Strength in Numbers’ V5, Nancy (With an E) (V7) and ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’ V7.

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